Project Description

Whitby comprises 504 hectares of farmland and timber plantations, including a 130 hectare of protected ‘Bush Forever’ reserve, located within the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale and only 40km from Perth CBD. This residential development will comprise in excess of 3,800 new residential lots and is to include a new commercial/retail district centre catering for 22,500sqm retail and 10,000sqm of office development, schools and other local and district infrastructure.

Our Role

NS Projects is engaged to manage the planning, design and delivery of Whitby including budget and programme management, day-to-day activity management, consultant input and estate management.  Providing well-defined project direction and coordination has been key to successful planning progress, in particular through the active engagement of the numerous stakeholders involved.  A local structure plan for the Whitby site was developed by the project team and successfully adopted in July 2012.

Challenges Overcome

A clear understanding of the strategic planning processes has delivered timely approval of both the local and district structure plans to achieve positive planning outcomes.

Providing structure plan outcomes that satisfied both investor and shire expectations whilst simultaneously balancing the various planning, environmental and engineering constraints including:

  • Implementing ‘Bush Forever’ (protected bush land) interface management, whilst simultaneously providing a desirable design outcome by optimising public exposure and access to bush land.
  • Integrating existing wetlands, ‘local natural areas’ and significant areas of vegetation, including creation of strategic public open spaces and multiple use corridors.
  • Accommodating challenging surface water drainage whilst also achieving development land use and yield objectives.
  • Balancing the shire’s requirement to maintain the rural character against the client’s desired land use outcomes, including density and dwelling mix.

We have also been instrumental in developing bespoke deeds between the Shire and major landowners which provides for pre-funding by land owners to help the Shire expedite delivery of its obligations for the district structure plan and developer contribution arrangements.

Project Details

  • Name: Whitby
  • Type: Land
  • Client: Gold Fusion Pty Ltd
  • Date: 2009 to current
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Value: $350 million (est. Cost), $650 million (est. Revenue)

Key Outcomes

  • Effective stakeholder management and consultant team coordination has resulted in desirable planning and design outcomes which have met or exceeded client expectations.
  • Close collaborative relationship with the Shire has been central in efficiently progressing both district and local structure plan processes. This has been augmented by early identification of planning, environmental and engineering constraints, enabling the delivery of a quality outcome for the client, on time and within budget.