Perth Cultural Centre

Project Description

The Perth Cultural Centre Precinct is the principle hub of culture and the arts in Perth containing Western Australia’s key cultural institutions and a large concentration of State-owned heritage buildings.  For a number of years, the precinct has suffered with lack of activity, image and identity. Revitalisation and extension of the area was required to create access and activation to a diverse range of knowledge, information, arts and cultural experiences.

Utilising international expertise, a strategic assessment of current and potential uses of the area was completed to develop the future vision and place plan for the area.

The place plan identified the key investments required to create a long term national and international attraction for people, commerce, education and creativity, diversifying the lifestyle and identity of the city and the state.

The place plan aims to breathe new life into the Perth Cultural Centre with a heightened sense of energy, flavour and vitality.

Our Role

NS Projects’ role has included procurement of the specialist consultant team, coordination and management of the 25-year place plan, which encompassed the following elements:

  • Place plan strategic report
  • Implementation plan
  • Business case

Challenges Overcome

  • Co-ordination and management of extensive engagement with stakeholders, high profile organisations and institutions which exist within the Perth Cultural Centre.
  • Participation in the proposed place plan strategy and security of  precinct alignment.
  • Creation of a place plan which identifies a destination to complement existing and emerging “places for people”  with a distinct flavour, purpose and role.
  • Implementation of a “place based” strategy assessing how the Cultural Centre will be positioned over the next 25 years by programming the delivery of a distinct blend of mixed uses for education, retail and entertainment to create a hub of exploration, discovery and diversity.
  • Provision of a flexible delivery and management framework within the place plan to enable adaptability to meet the changing requirements of the Cultural Centre over a number of years.

Project Details

  • Name: Perth Cultural Centre
  • Type: Urban
  • Client: East Perth Redevelopment Authority (now Metropolitan Development Authority)
  • Date: 2010 to present
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Value: Confidential

Key Outcomes

  • Completion of place plan strategic report.
  • Development of a 25-year implementation plan.
  • Preparation of comprehensive business case.
  • Approvals of place plan, implementation plan, business case
  • Broad stakeholder and client executive support.