Ocean Mia, City Beach

Project Description

Ocean Mia is a 68-lot redevelopment of the 4.8ha former City Beach Bowl Club and City Beach Scout Club sites.

Incorporating innovative residential design guidelines to ensure built form reflects the architectural flavour of its beach side location, maximised solar access through second storey set-backs, uses site slop to reduce visual impact through stepping houses towards surroundings streets.

Our Role

NS Projects managed all phases of the project from design development, negotiation and appointment of the consultants through to construction, marketing and sale of the 66 residential and 2 multi-units lots created within the subdivision.

NS Projects worked closely with the client and appointed planning, engineering, communications and sales consultants to optimise the income potential to meet client requirements and gain community approval and support.

Project Details

  • Name: Ocean Mia, City Beach
  • Type: Land
  • Client: Town of Cambridge
  • Date: 2004 to 2009
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Value: $60 Million

Key Outcomes

  • Obtained full support from a client group with conflicting opinions on the appropriate development density.
  • Use of the site’s natural topography to create a development that is both unique and integrated with the surrounding area.
  • Addressed the concerns of highly articulate and influential surrounding residents and ultimately gain their support for the development.
  • Addressed the steep sloping site constrained by an existing 7m high retaining wall.