ECU – Computing, Engineering and Technology Facility

Project Description

The Computing, Engineering & Technology (CET) Building accommodates the schools of Engineering, Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI) and the School of Computer & Security Science (CommSec). It is a showcase for the university’s growing commitment toward research in the services.

Our Role

NS Projects’ role on this project was to manage the integration and control of the design parameters including the management of scope, time, cost, quality, communications, procurement, human resources and risk.  The project covering 7,600 sqm has reached practical completion and being successfully utilised by the various faculties.

Control documents were put in place to regulate the following project management processes:

  • A comprehensive business case.
  • A statement of work encapsulating the intent of the project.
  • Project charter to define the process for obtaining approvals and mobilising the project team.
  • Work breakdown structure and definition of the work content.
  • Project management plan to detail the management processes to be undertaken.
  • Comprehensive functional brief to detail the functions through stakeholder consultation.
  • Project budget based on the functional brief.
  • Schematic design to form the basis of the project budget.
  • Design management
  • Construction.
  • Defects liability period and close out.

Challenges Overcome

Demand for accommodation in the new building exceeded the available budget. As a result, a detailed process of rationalisation of facilities and operations was required by each user group to arrive at the most efficient allocation of accommodation within budgetary constraints.

Project Details

  • Name: ECU – Computing, Engineering and Technology Facility
  • Type: Education
  • Client: Edith Cowan University
  • Date: 2008 to 2011
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Value: $36 million

Key Outcomes

  • The development of engineering facilities within time and budget that accommodates a variety of disciplines within the overall engineering and technology umbrella will stimulate world-class engineering and technology practice.
  • Incorporated into the facility is the newest clean room in the state.
  • Is now seen as the finest centre for ESRI research in Western Australia.