Colonial First State, Kewdale

Project Description

A 38,000m² site in Kewdale, acquired by Colonial First State, housed a long-standing tenant in premises that did not optimise usage of the site.

Redevelopment plans were required to optimise returns in the medium to long term.

Our Role

NS Projects managed a feasibility and design process involving multiple options to arrive at a development plan that achieved the best use of the property.

Challenges Overcome

  • Developing customised building solutions for interested purchasers/tenants, developing a speculative warehousing complex alternative and incorporating sustainable design measures appropriate to the type of building.
  • Maximising coverage on the site which had to be balanced against access and the differing hard-stand requirements of potential tenants.
  • Weighing each option against the current market price for the property, based on actual transactions on similar sites and offers received for the Kewdale site.

Project Details

  • Name: Colonial First State, Kewdale
  • Type: Industrial
  • Client: Colonial First State
  • Date: 2007
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Value: $35 million

Key Outcomes

  • Client was enabled to make an informed development decision from a range of possible options based on a clear understanding of the tenancy options and market demand.