NASH, Roebourne

Project Description

The Ngarluma Aboriginal Sustainable Housing (NASH) project deliver new housing, educational, community and commercial facilities to enhance the opportunities for Aboriginal people in Roebourne. While the project will ultimately deliver up to 400 lots, stage one successfully delivered 100 lots in early 2012.

Our Role

NS Projects was initially engaged by the Department of Treasury and Finance in early 2010 to prepare a due diligence report while managing the progression of planning approvals, environmental approvals and preliminary engineering design. The deliverables were consolidated into a single report that provided Department of Treasury and the land owner with a decision making tool to progress the project and release $4.5 million seed funding and secure $6.0 million of pre-sales to the Department of Housing.

Our performance in this initial role saw NS Projects retained by the land owner to project manage the delivery of the project. Our role included managing detailed design procurement, contract administration of both the civil and landscape works. We also provided support in security and managing the pre-sales conflict and finalising the Royalties for Regions grant.

Challenges Overcome

The area for stage one was strategically selected to provide lots to the marketplace in a timely manner while allowing flexibility within the overall development plan for any future changes.

Service authorities in the north-west in particular the Water Corporation have limited capacity to meet demand. To address this challenge, we worked collaboratively with the Water Corporation through a series of meetings and ongoing dialogue to secure water and sewer provision.

The NASH project has limited funds and is essentially a not-for-profit project; therefore controlling contractor and consultant costs was paramount. NS Projects addressed this challenge with strict cost control and ongoing cash flow forecasting as well as maintaining a good rapport with the contractors and consultants and having a clear understanding of where additional cost risks lay.

Native title clearance and registration of an Indigenous Land Use Agreement required ongoing liaison with the land owner and purchasers to ensure stakeholders were aware of timing constraints and able to respond appropriately.

Project Details

  • Name: NASH, Roebourne
  • Type: Land
  • Client: Ngarluma Aboriginal Corporation
  • Date: 2010 to 2012
  • Role: Project Manager
  • Value: $20 million (Stage 1)

Key Outcomes

  • The stage one civil works were completed in early 2012 with titles issued immediately after resolution of the ILUA. Housing construction commenced immediately with the Department of Housing being granted early access to a number of lots to deliver social housing.