Acacia Prison

Project Description

Originally built in 2001, Acacia Prison is Western Australia’s only privately-managed prison. As part of the Government’s $655 million scheme to deliver an additional 2,500 beds to WA prior to 2015, Acacia Prison Expansion is to deliver an additional 387 beds to the existing prison.

The expansion was procured through a design and construct contract with the successful tenderer. In addition to the construction of two new prisoner accommodation buildings, the scope of works for the project includes:

  • Waste-water treatment plan replacement.
  • New vocational, education, at-risk training, external store and recreational facilities.
  • Upgrade of kitchen, medical, gatehouse, staff training, heavy industries and existing Infrastructure.
  • Additional parking facilities.

Our Role

Department of Treasury – Strategic Projects appointed NS Projects as external project manager and contract administrator for the project. NS Projects has been an integral part of the Acacia Prison Expansion Project team, from developing the business case, project development plan, request for proposal and request for tender, respondent negotiations, design and construct contract execution and construction.

Challenges Overcome

  • Delivering the business case, project development plan, request for proposal and request for tender,  evaluation and negotiation and design and construct contract execution.
  • Ensuring the design enables the integration of the new facilities with the existing facilities.
  • Co-ordination between the State, contractor, prison operator and other stakeholders.
  • Negotiation of the design and construct contract with the contractor.

Project Details

  • Name: Acacia Prison
  • Type: Justice
  • Client: Department of Treasury Strategic Projects and Department of Corrective Services
  • Date: 2010 - Current
  • Role: Project Manager & Contract Administrator
  • Value: $126 million

Key Outcomes

  • Provide an additional 387 beds to the existing facilities prior to 2015.
  • Provide additional metropolitan beds for the male prison population to reduce overcrowding in the system across WA.
  • Achieve the best value for money within the project’s budget standard.
  • Provide a firm basis for the design so that the final product meets the Department of Corrective Services’ objectives and the prison operators requirements.
  • Maintain all project documentation in accordance with quality management standards.
  • Maintain safety and security during construction.
  • Provide for a staged implementation that minimises disruption to operations.
  • Minimise risk of cost and time overruns.
  • Ensuring the design meets Department of Corrective Services’ requirements for correctional facilities.
  • Maintain security requirements while constructing additional facilities within an fully operational prison.
  • Maintain quality of experience for prisoners and staff.