Greater Curtin – Stage One Released - 05/05/16

For the past two years, NS Projects has been providing project management coordination and input to Curtin University’s Greater Curtin project.

Stage One of the project has now been released to market, with Curtin seeking expressions of interest from development partners to develop, fund and operate a variety of asset classes on campus including:

  • 2,000 student beds across a range of accommodation types
  • Academic facilities and research space
  • An integrated retail mix of facilities
  • Short stay accommodation for staff and visitors
  • Commercial office space
  • Car parking infrastructure

This represents an important step in Curtin becoming a vibrant community heart that embraces all of the things that make great cities around the world – a diverse population, ease of transit, a 365-day sustainable economy – mixed with research, teaching and learning and business partners.

NS Projects is proud to be part of this transformative project and is looking forward to continuing to work with Curtin to realise its vision.

For further details and to register interest, please visit the website below.