NS Projects advocates Integrity, Leadership, Collaboration, Intelligence and Anticipation.


We offer continuity of staff and consistency of personalised service throughout the project life. Our team offers a variety of functional and disciplinary backgrounds which add depth to our strategic approach. Our high standard in strategic thinking, stringent administration and our proactive approach stand us in good stead to be the “go to” company for problematic, challenging and sensitive projects.


Each Director/Associate is a “Sector Champion” who manages resourcing, financial and operational planning, to maximise team efficiencies and ensure customer satisfaction. They are valued and recognised project leaders in their respective industry portfolios and for the NS Projects brand.


We share our values with our mix of government and private organisations by understanding and challenging their project brief. We endeavour to apply our own experience and expertise, and tailor our approach to suit their needs, rather than applying a generic project management model.


We develop internal intelligence through good corporate governance, third party accreditation, staff mentoring, skill sharing and leadership training to offer our clients the best project management resources. Our team of staff have broad experiences and background, all with a key focus on project and development management. We leverage on our reputation for delivering high quality outcomes to continue to build client relationships and win work on reputation and recommendation. We collect and act on customer feedback, invest in customer relationship management initiatives, build on national networks, and develop strategies to pursue geographical expansion and possible national alliances.


We focus our project management on front-end planning, risk management, developing vision and strategic direction at the outset to facilitate proper evaluation, implementation and problem solving to maximise value.