NS Group

The companies that make up the NS Group can be found below.

  • NS Projects Pty Ltd

    Established in 2003, NS Projects currently provides services in Metropolitan Perth, Regional Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory. We are a privately owned company, with an employee only shareholder base. Through our ability to deliver confidence through control, we have established ourselves as a leader in the provision of independent development and project management services.

    With extensive local and international experience in land, property and infrastructure development; we are committed to front end planning, developing a vision and strategic direction from the outset, and facilitating effective evaluation, implementation and problem solving.

  • NS Advisory Pty Ltd

    NS Advisory Pty Ltd delivers high quality, flexible and innovative property solutions, utilising the core skills of a property advisory and asset valuation team. Key services include asset strategies, business plans, transaction and acquisition management, asset appraisals, financial modelling, business cases, and development management services. The valuation services span across the public and private sectors providing accurate asset valuations and financial reporting, specialising in property, infrastructure, plant and equipment assets.

    Visit http://nsadvisory.com.au