Management Systems

Quality Assurance

We place a high level of importance on our business and project management systems. We obtained independent certification to ISO 9001:2000 in 2005 and were re-certified to the new ISO 9001:2008 in 2011. We actively pursue continuous improvement in order to maintain our QA certification.

Our project management systems are specifically designed to allow integration with any procedures required by our clients.

Integrated Safety Health and Environmental

NS Projects is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly workplace for all its employees and visitors by complying with relevant safety, health and environmental legislation. We are committed to a consultative approach with all employees, and internal and external stakeholders to ensure maximum awareness of the high standards that we set. We implement an integrated safety health and environmental management system, independently certified as ISO14001:2004 and AS4801:2001 compliant.


It is important to utilise software systems that enhance our service offering and add value to our clients. In addition to standard business software we employ the following systems.


Principally employed as an internal project planning tool. To our clients, it will provide confidence that our internal resource planning remains as agreed with our clients.


We have procured this software to provide enhanced project information management for our clients and the project team. We are able to host project databases which through secure access can be accessed by nominated project team members, greatly improving information sharing and management.

Project Control System

This is a project cost control database. At the click of a button we can print a range of cost reports which are free of formula errors common with complex excel based cost reports.

Estate Master

Estate Master is a flexible and powerful feasibility analysis tool. It allows us to calculate key investment performance indicators, analyse project sensitivity and probability, and develop risk assessments.